Why Your Healthcare And Fitness Business Should Leverage On Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the gap between the services you provide and what your clients really want.

I never knew what “yeast infection” was until I experienced it months back. For a lady that had zero close female friends, I had no one to speak to when I noticed the slight itching. Where was the first place I ran to? Google. I wanted to know what was wrong with me, the itching was driving me crazy and as expected, Google gave me an answer. It was a yeast infection.

The world has gone digital and according to Pew, the first place people turn to for health information is the search engine.

Health and fitness topics are incredibly personal and generate a lot of traffic and engagement. A lot of “How to’s” people Google every day are health-related. This makes the healthcare and fitness industry very competitive.

Now, the question is, how do you stand out? How do you make your business credible and trustworthy that clients wouldn’t think twice before reaching out?

The answer is quite simple. By focusing on healthcare content marketing

This simply involves creating and sharing online materials (like videos, blog posts, email newsletters) not to expressly promote your business but to stimulate your audience’s interest in your services.

With healthcare content marketing, you get to connect and educate your target audience by providing valuable medical information in your area of specialization. In addition to building trust and relationships, you are also encouraging conversions since you are offering them information that will help them decide to reach out to you.

Having a website or publishing one blog post every month is not enough if you want to stand out in the health and wellness industry. So, in as much providing content is an important strategy to build your brand awareness, the frequency also matters.

Clients are more likely to trust a health and fitness provider who has published a lot of blog posts or newsletters on how to handle depression than another provider who has very few posts on the topic.

These are some of the reasons your healthcare and fitness business should invest more in content marketing;

Amplifies brand awareness

When you consistently push out compelling and well-written content about your healthcare and fitness services, it will attract more credibility to your brand. It is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and let your business be seen and sought-after. Your content should also be so it can rank high on Search Engine.

Build trust and loyalty

In the medical field, clients would prefer dealing with a healthcare provider they can trust. You can only build this trust if you focus on giving them solutions rather than dissecting their problems. Create and publish content that emphasizes health and wellness rather than the ailment. Remember they consulted Google because they are looking for solutions to their medical issues, give them that.

Another way you can build loyalty and trust is to avoid technical or medical jargon. Remember you are addressing a layman; they have zero medical background. They should be able to relate to your content. So, speak to them as equals in a friendly tone.

Generate leads for your business

Content marketing helps your target audience find your engaging and useful content. Mostly, they find you even before they are ready to decide to reach out for your services. I am going to let you on an open secret – Open because a lot of people know about it, secret because they honestly don’t know how effective it is. So, what’s the secret? Go beyond blog posts and newsletters. Take advantage of premium content like free Ebooks to draw your target audience in more.

In as much as nothing is free even in Freetown, humans love when they get things free. So, yeah, give them that free ebook that has lots of useful information. Like Oliver Twist, they will keep coming back for more and overtimes, they will turn to long-lasting clients. Remember, you need leads to sell. Content marketing is one way you can achieve this.

Establish yourself as an authority

A lot of people in the health and fitness industry are striving to stand out, hence, the competition. Now it’s time to leverage on your content. That is the best way to showcase that you are better than your competitors.

It’s like a lady that has a lot of men asking her out. They all look good and promising but the question is, “What do they have to offer and to what extent are they willing to go to prove it?” If you are in the lady’s shoes, you will go for the man who sticks around enough to prove to you that he is the best. It could be the way he treats you, listens to you, offers to help, fights for you. In all of these, his consistency will win you over.

The lady’s situation is not different from that of your target audience. They need to know that you will be able to solve their particular health or fitness problem. Show them over and over again with your blog posts, newsletters, ebook, etc. That’s the best way to reinforce your role as an expert or authority in your industry.

Kinds of content for your marketing

Now that you are aware of the benefits you stand to gain from content marketing, let’s look at the different content you can use;

Blog posts –They are short, straight to the point, and are easily found by Google. This is one of the fastest ways to draw in clients as long as you are consistent and up to date.

Long-form content – This usually comes as a guide covering one topic. It goes between 3,000 – 15,000 words.

Case studies – they are in-depth examinations around a specific scenario. They should provide informative and actionable information. This is the best way to establish your authority in the health and fitness industry.

White papers – This type of content is packed with information on data and solutions on a particular subject. They are the most expensive type of content.

E-books – They are great magnet leads, capable of converting your target audience to long-lasting clients.

Other kinds of content include




Social media posts, etc.

While you may not have time to come up with this content, it is best to contract the services of a freelance health and fitness copywriter. You don’t just need someone who can communicate to your target audience in a relatable language; the ideal writer must be conversant with the health and fitness industry.

Aside not having time, you may not have a full understanding on how SEO works. And you need your content to rank high on Google, so your target audience can always see it. A copywriter sure knows how this works – he or she is able to strike a balance between writing for humans in a relatable way and writing for robots too.

Give it a try today and thank me later.


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